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Contract Engineering Services Limited612.719.3521 - 763.355.2561

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Contract Engineering Services Limited
CESL is a contracting and consulting company with expertise in systems and software engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, project management, process definition and improvement, as well as the integration of processes, products, and tools to achieve difficult project development goals.

CESL was established in 1993 and has continually demonstrated a record of exceptional performance in the leading-edge development of medical, technology, military and defense, and commercial aviation related products. Our objective is to improve the capabilities of our customers without making them reliant upon us. We are equally proficient in performing front-end development work or providing leadership and direction to projects that require immediate rescue.

Our client base is comprised of the medical, technology, military and defense, and commercial aviation industries. While not limited to, we excel at projects that adhere to requirements found in a regulated environment.

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  • Immediate availability of engineering talent for your projects
  • High levels of understanding of diverse development approaches
  • Objective-focused and schedule- and budget-driven
  • Very familiar with operating within highly regulated environments
  • Focused on improvement of customer capabilities
  • Efficient integration of products, processes, and tools
  • Reduction of customer mid- to long-term development costs